First 3D Rendered/Modeled Room

Here is my first 3D rendered/modeled room I created early 2014 for an assignment at my university.

Made using Autodesk Maya and Photoshop.


10 Responses to “First 3D Rendered/Modeled Room

  • Coolbutlame
    6 years ago

    A massive step up from the previous 3D rendering. The textures on the walls look nice, and so does your shading. I really like how the differences in shading make it look like there’s a full moon outside. Keep up the good work!

    • Besnardm
      6 years ago

      Thanks again Jackson, I’m always trying to improve with every piece I create and I’m glad you like it.

  • It’s always interesting to see the base models before and after rendering because of the transformation they take. The desk looks like a cozy workplace, wish I had something similar in real life. Which rendering engine did you use? Starting in Maya I found I was always battling with the Maya Software engines and/or watching my computer die a slow painful death through mental ray. Recently I’ve taken to learning V-Ray and Renderman (which is free from Pixar if you weren’t aware!). Both seem to yield great results without as much effort.

  • robokitty
    6 years ago

    I like this one a lot. It reminds me of a Pixar movie, my first thought when I saw it was Toy Story. I agree with Krim, it’s really cool getting to see a progress picture and watching all the details get filled in. I’m hopeless at art and I could never do something like this so I love to see a bit of the process behind it. My favorite part is probably the cozy quality of light in the finished version.

  • sophiee
    6 years ago

    Like the previous commenter, I’m totally getting Pixar vibes from this! It’s really impressive to me all the little details you’ve managed to recreate.
    I don’t know what I’m missing but 3D models I’ve made never look this realistic. Well actually I do know what’s missing… talent ^^’ but thanks for the inspiration, this is really good stuff!

    • Besnardm
      6 years ago

      Thank you, I’m really happy to hear that I’m bringing across a pixar vib.

  • jleew0115
    6 years ago

    I really want to check that open desk door for a clue or collectible! Fantastic rendering and layout. The shadow and lighting is looking incredibly professional and well executed. I like how you posted the original so we can see what dedication to the craft can accomplish. Nice work!

  • This has got to be my favorite piece. It’s as if it’s coming straight out of a cartoon. A 3D one that is.

  • Elfprincess
    6 years ago

    As I mentioned elsewhere, I don’t know anything about 3D modeling (other than that it looks awesome).
    I find it fascinating how light changes everything about the room – it looks rather simple without it, but with it it’s really moody and warm. So cozy! Other than the lamp, my favorite part is the grandfather clock.

  • sterlingjay0123
    6 years ago

    Hey this is pretty cool! I love how ominous the room feels even though it’s just an office / work space. It looks as though, late one night, the person working there just got fed up with his boring life and job, and decided enough was a enough. He stood, walked out, and never looked back. He also has a complete disregard for environmental conservation for leaving that light on all night. ;P

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