Youth Junction Animation Project

VisyCaresHub / YouthJunction / Rural Animation Project

Back in 2013 Youth Junction Inc. invited the Rural Animation Project to create an Avatar for the Youth Junction Inc. website with students from Harvester Technical College. Harvester students created the animated sequence using the traditional rotoscoping technique. Dale Doran from Youth Junction Inc. was filmed by students and the footage was then traced over using the digital graphics program Photoshop.

My Responsibilities:

  • Animator
  • Video Editor
  • Sound Engineer
  • Cameraman
  • Visual Effects


  • Successfully created animation for VisyCaresHub and
    YouthJunction’s website.
  • Developed better teamwork skills.
  • Successfully built a positive reputation based on trust and skill.

One Response to “Youth Junction Animation Project

  • naffi93
    6 years ago

    I do see and like your hard work behind the video, but I just want to tell how good the style is. I mean the picture in whole, with sounds, background sounds the style of the animation itself!
    Congratulations it’s a nice one!

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