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Improvement is always great

  Update on how I’m Improving my artistic skills.

T9B8-08 Heavy Lifter

  For a art project I was required to create a mech and the final result is the T9B8-08 Heavy Lifter.

Burning Sky Church Illustration

For an assignment at uni we have to create an illustration of a creature or person in an environment. I...

Concept Art – Rock / Ice Creature

For a class assignment we were to come up with a creature that we wouldn’t normally see. I created the...


Lifecast of My Face

I’ve always wanted to do a life cast, and I got the opportunity not long ago, so here it is!


SG Sketch

After seeing the caricature I had made of myself, my friend SG asked for me to make a sketch of him....



I created this piece as a gift for my girlfriend. I wanted to create something that captured her beauty. I spent a...

Caricature Me

Caricature of Myself

These caricatures and head models were created for use in animations. I use these in introductions to my videos and animations to create...

From The Darkness

From The Darkness Project

From the Darkness is an animated story that I’m creating about a young man who wakes up in a dying...