10 Fun Facts about New Year’s

Here are My 10 Fun Facts about New Year’s.


  1.  The earliest known New Year celebrations were in Mesopotamia and date back to 2000 B.C.
  2. To ensure a year of good luck, firecrackers and noisemakers became tradition in order to scare away any remaining evil spirits and to ensure a brand new start.
  3. Ancient Persians gave New Year’s gifts of eggs, which symbolized productiveness.
  4. January is named after Janus, the god with two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward. He is the god of beginnings, transitions, gates, doors, passages, and endings.
  5. As most people already know, the Chinese New Year is not on January 1, but they still celebrate old traditions to ring in their new start. Every front door is painted with a fresh coat of red paint, symbolizing good luck and happiness.
    Also, families prepare feasts without using knives. All knives are put away for 24 hours to keep anyone form cutting themselves, because it is thought to cut the families’ good luck for the year.
  6. The first guest to arrive at their home is believed to hold their good fortune. They believe it should be a man bearing gifts, such as coal for the fire or a loaf of bread for the table.
  7. Time Square New Year’s Eve Ball was first dropped in 1907 after there was a fireworks ban. The original ball weighed 700 pounds and featured 100 25-watt bulbs. Much different to the ball we know today!
  8. 2,000 pounds (907kg) of confetti are dropped on the crowd in Times Square at midnight.
  9. Julius Caesar made January 1st the first day of the year in 46 B.c. but England and its american colonies wouldn’t do the same until 1752.
  10. In Australia Over 1 Million People line Sydney Harbour 40 miles of shoreline to watch the fireworks show.
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