First Person VS Third Person

In the video game world the perspective makes all the difference, The most obvious difference between the two is the player’s perspective

The first person perspective allows the player to see from the point of view of the character, whilst third person grants the player the ability to see more around the character, and this brings us to a question, which is better and why?

Most players like one or the other and it is generally a matter of personal preference and the gaming style, however where one player might be enjoying one perspective, another player might have the advantage the other perspective.

First person view has great advantages with giving the player that realistic feel, it’s easy to immerse the player with every action taking place as if it was performed by them. Along with Immersion there is another great side to first person, the players increased mental agility. Studies have found that people who play these games often have faster reaction times when switching between everyday tasks. Playing these types of games can improve multitasking, driving, and navigation skills.

Put aside the advantages and let’s bring on the weaknesses, the player gets a more realistic feel while playing in first person, but it also limits the field of few. Players see a small amount in comparison to a normal person can actually see and forces the player to turn the head, in addition, players cannot see behind themselves. Most players experience motion sickness after a long while of player, especially new players, and this can limit the time the player wanted to actually play, but you don’t get this with third person.

Third person is much easier to control, both the camera and the player, with the field of vision being much higher, the player can now see over ledges, around walls and not be spotted while doing so, it gives greater in-game awareness.

But just like first person, it too has it’s weaknesses, the awkward camera angles are the biggest factor and can kill a players desire to play, going to third person also kills the realism, your no longer looking through the eyes of the character, your now distant and takes away the connection you have with the character.

When there are games that allow both of these perspectives than the gameplay can become quite unfair, but the thing is, that won’t change. Which perspective is better? it’s the players choice, both are great depending on the game and the actually players preference.


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