Gender in Video Games

Gender in Video Games is a big topic in real life and online, and the discussion tends to talk about how sexist games are and should be made more realistic instead of these fake ideals of a perfect body or incredibly fake body.

But do some of the arguments have actual facts behind them? Does anyone know what they are talking about?

Most arguments tend to talk about fighting games such as Street Fighter, with one party saying how both the men and women don’t look like that in real life, and that it’s not realistic. Not realistic? Do the developers not do research on anatomy?

boss-logic-real-life-zangief Jay-cutler-Hard-Bodybuilders

By saying it’s sexist and real people don’t look like the characters in game is just stupid without evidence behind it, the fact is that people who train and undergo a lot of stress on their body’s DO look like that, and some of these body fanatics get hurt when people say they don’t look real.

Any good developer will do their research for a million dollar project, they aren’t just trying to get the biggest breasts on the screen, they are putting time and effort into bringing a good “REAL” game to your screen for players to enjoy, and it makes me mad that some people just look at a game with females or very muscular males and just instantly think it’s sexist. Sure there are many games out there that have a poorly made game where the characters within are over the top with the anatomy but I’m talking about projects that are being attacked like street fighter.

This is a argument that shouldn’t exist, it’s pointless and we shouldn’t be wasting our time with it, we should be trying to work together in bringing more exciting and fun games to players everywhere.

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