Minecraft Weapons – Youtuber Edition

Youtubers are big, and most well known Youtubers are gamers!

I was going down my subscription list and noticed I was following a lot of talented people, and thought what a great opportunity to create pixel weapons with a theme. Youtubers!

So I created some original 3D Minecraft Weapons for these online talents.

While I’m at it, Lets make this a series on my channel!

Here are the first three episodes of my Online series on Youtube:

#1 MumboJumbo

Download: https://sellfy.com/p/V7di/

#2 Yogscast Simon / Honeydew

Download: https://sellfy.com/p/4dRo/ 

#3 PixlRiffs

Download: https://sellfy.com/p/ajpy/ 

2 Responses to “Minecraft Weapons – Youtuber Edition

  • I love these especially number 2! They are really well made!

  • victionicious
    3 years ago

    Got to agree with the guy above me, I love that Honeydew axe. It’s a niché market, sure, but you should definitely contact the Yogscast and see if you can get them to advertise it on their Facebook page. It’s really, really cool!

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