The Past Week #1

Hello Everyone! Recently I have been writing blog posts that shared how my metal state is and what I’ve been feeling, and it always concluded on change and wanting to be better.

I haven’t shared them because I felt they were unprofessional as is my post about change (which I may be taking down), its something I probably shouldn’t have on my portfolio, even though I want to share them. So I figure I would just say that and talk about other things, like for example some challenges I’ve given myself, 30 mins to complete a art piece and here are two of them.

Both characters are from a game know as Overwatch.

Now if I keep this up every week while I’m studying then soon I’ll have a bunch of pieces to choose from to improve and learn from.

I’m not 100% physically and mentally at the moment but I’m trying, all I can do is keep trying and pushing because there is nothing else to do.

Hopefully I have more to show next week, Thanks for reading! 😀

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