Video Game Genres

Video game genres define a game whether you agree or not, and when put in one of the many categories, the buyer knows what to expect just like if you were to go out and by a movie, if you want a chick flick than you would easily find one.

Do some games go under multiple genres? and does that sometimes make it hard to find what you want?

Find a game that you enjoy and then go out and find another in the same genre, that’s what we tend to do as a gamer. We enjoyed one game so it must mean we will enjoy another game that’s similar, but we could have enjoyed the adventure aspect or only the puzzle aspect, and when we go back to find a new one but that game may only be considered to be a puzzle game, and we want the adventure side of things.

Fallout 4 is a very popular game and is a shooter/RPG, and in this open-world game, you do all kinds of RPG things, like leveling up, choosing new abilities, talking to townspeople, and finding creative ways to solve problems.

Then again, since it’s also a first-person shooter, you’re always staring down the barrel of a gun that you’ll use to fend off all manner of enemies.

But some sites and stores only consider it a FPS game, so what if I want another game with the RPG aspect but expect it to be with the FPS games, well the buyer wont find what they want. Adding more sections in a store for the buyer to find particualar genres that are mixed isn’t a solution, and nor is just picking one or the other, So what should we do? Get the developers to set a main genre on the game case, to make it easier to find what we want.


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