Violence in Video Games

An age old argument that is brought up by many every year, Are video games creating criminals and do they cause aggression?

My opinion of this is going to have to be no, but not because I am a passionate gamer myself but because of the scientifically proved evidence that it does not. It’s an argument that has no end in society, and it would seem that even people who truly believe video games are bad for you just don’t want to even try understanding the facts that are laid out before them.

Lets look at APA and how they overlook the real world gamer.

The american psychological association have reviewed over 300 papers on violent video games between 2005 and 2013. So studies were done short and long term on players and some lasted 2 years, and what they found out was that “Violent Video game use has an effect on aggression”.

Does this end the argument though? well I believe it doesn’t.

In response UK Interactive Entertainment have stated

“This report, like others before it, does not identify a causal link between games and aggression, and definitely no link between games and real life violence”

The APA’s studies don’t take in account the many other studies on the real life gamer, that show that games offer many positive benefits such as problem solving skills, team management, social skills and even lowered aggression.

Games have violence in them but because we understand it’s not real in out minds, we accept that it is fine to do anything. Playing a game help people from committing crimes and lowers stress levels, and if thats not a good thing than I don’t know what is.


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