Burning Sky Church Illustration

For an assignment at uni we have to create an illustration of a creature or person in an environment.

I have decided to go with a modern environment with a church in the background as part of the main focus, a bunch of people running said church and cloud/death creatures forming/chasing around the building, after the people.

For the building I was thinking between a work building, power-plant and church and I’m not sure what made me choose the church but I think it had to do with the idea of a church being a safe place but ended up not being so safe against these supernatural creatures.



9 Responses to “Burning Sky Church Illustration

  • Sounds pretty sweet! Are they going to look like demons or death eaters? ha ha

    What sort of church? A modern one or a really old style one with spires and fancy stained glass windows?

    Maybe you should have a priest gathering and protecting his flock, and have him glowing or something like there’s a small beacon of hope :D.

    • Besnardm
      4 years ago

      Oh thats a fantastic idea, I’m working on a thumbnail right now and the church is going to be a old Gothic style, ans the creatures are more like half dark clouds and half death eaters

  • That’s a really good idea, actually. Have you read the Mortal Instruments series? In the series, these people called shadowhunters who hunt demons have special access to a full weaponry of supernatural weapons that is hidden inside every church in the world. That’s what this reminded me of 😛

    • Besnardm
      4 years ago

      oh that sounds nice, I haven’t heard of it before, I’m gonna check it out

  • primalclaws1974
    4 years ago

    I am impressed with it already. The creature does not stand out as the focal point, but when you see it there is no mistaking that it is coming for you! It is almost a commentary on the forces of good and evil. As for the “safe haven church” I would go gothic cathedral all the way!

  • BrunetteMe
    4 years ago

    Liking this picture, especially the minimal strokes you used, but they still provide just the needed details. And as the commentator above said ‘the creature is not made the focal’, yes, but your eyes are still drawn to and the church in one glance bringing everything together.

  • Tiffany
    3 years ago

    I love the Idea and think you did a splendid job on this I can’t wait to see the updated version.!

  • Honestly, my interpretation of the art is the complete opposite of what you intended to portray. I thought it was the church defending against the evil create outside. I was thinking that it symbolizes the church as something powerful enough, that evil creatures such as the one on the illustration can’t get near it. Sort of like a shield. But nevertheless, the art was awesome! 🙂

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