SG Sketch

After seeing the caricature I had made of myself, my friend SG asked for me to make a sketch of him.

I decided to include a guitar and some urban art because both were very close to his heart. I did a fair bit of research and came up with a design of his initials which I drew on the wall.

Both of us were very happy with the results!

7 Responses to “SG Sketch

  • I like that you ended up having the flames come from the guitar rather than having flames come from his hands because it would’ve taken away from the image, I think! The graffiti “SG” is nice as well.

  • I always love how your initial sketching turns out, it shows how great the final piece appears. I don’t know how you did the drawings of the symbol on the wall, but I love it. Once again brilliant color and texture!

    • Besnardm
      4 years ago

      Thanks, I have a few different processes now since I’ve done this piece and would love sharing it with one of my new pieces

  • maniacmaran
    4 years ago

    This is awesome. It’s got a little graffiti thing going on. How do you do it? It’s like it comes naturally. I wish i could do that. I’m very much into Film & Animation, but I only have visions and concepts and stories, I can’t draw unless I concentrate. I haven’t drawn anything since lat year and that was a sketch of John Lennon of The Beatlesx I still have it, but it’s nowhere as good as your art work.

  • JayWifi
    4 years ago

    This looks cool possibly for an album cover. You have really clean cut lines as well.

  • Elfprincess
    3 years ago

    This reminds me of a youtube band called L337street Boys… They had awesome songs full of video game references, and animated videos in a similar style.
    I love the way ‘your friend’ looks at the flames 🙂 Very badass.

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