Game Development – Video Reel #01

Here is some of the work I created during my advanced diploma in screen and media (Games Development) 2014/2015.
Enjoy the video.

5 Responses to “Game Development – Video Reel #01

  • Wow this is so cool. You are a very talented artist.

  • Wow, I’m so impressed! It’s amazing how talented you are. When my brother and I were younger this was one of our dreams, to create video games and animate them. I also wanted to be a voice actress, lol. But we could never learn how to do it well. I admire your skill because this really takes talent. Are you planning on creating a game using the models you’ve made?

    • Michael Besnard
      6 years ago

      Thats for the comment ^_^ and I hope to either use the assets I’ve created in a one of my projects or a future one 🙂

  • Very good work, I enjoyed watching you developing each item. The music really fit with the work and tone of the video. Keep the good work up!

  • FWestwood
    5 years ago

    Ever thought about putting a video together where you start with nothing and there is sped up footage of your screen creating one of these amazing models/meshes?

    I loved the music with this, having this music with a video of how you created the red monster would be great 🙂

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